About Us

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We, like our friend GeigerCheck.com (a separate business of a friend in another state), were¬† created out of a desire to bring exciting and hard-to-find items to you that you mightn’t find anywhere else, for hobbies and educational purposes that mightn’t be possible otherwise.

This venture was driven largely by attempting to further our own projects or collections and having a hard time finding the right goods. After finally tracking them down and often having to buy in bulk, we started out by selling off the excess, and then decided to just continue bringing these goods to other geeks, like us.

We and GeigerCheck.com are two enterprises in two states with a shared vision to make your scientific endeavor happen or complete your educational collection with items you won’t find elsewhere.

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Neither RocksUnlocked.com nor its owners will be held legally nor financially liable for damage, harm, or injury, be they physical or financial, caused by information, substances or objects acquired from this website.

By purchasing from RocksUnlocked, you agree never to concentrate or refine any form of radioactive substance and to abide by local and federal laws such as those contained in the Code of Federal Regulations put forth by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. You must become familiar with, before purchase, any applicable safety protocols relevant to the item or items, such as those pertaining to the proper handling and storage of naturally occurring minerals possessing significant levels of nuclear radioactivity.

All items on this website are inherently safe when used, handled or stored properly. Like many, much more common objects or substances, however (even tools or chemicals associated with art, cosmetology, or custodial maintenance), there are items here that share a potential for misuse. Many things can become dangerous if ingested, broken into fine particles and the solids inhaled, or other blatant lapses in safety or common sense, thereby posing a risk to the welfare of living things.

Do not purchase here before reading our Warnings as well as any off-site material needed to acquire all safety-related knowledge sufficient as not to pose a risk of misusing any given item or substance.