Biometric Lockbox (Safety and Reasonable Childproofing)


Programmable Fingerprint-Unlocking Mini-Safe

Note: This is not equipped with special radiation shielding, but it’s a decent gauge of rugged and beyond-rigid, steel sheet metal, so you may find it adequate, incidental shielding. It depends on your source material and how closely you store it to living things always nearby. You can add additional measures (email us for details).

Help prevent tragedies or loss by limiting access. So often, things go missing or tragedies even happen just because items like medications or guns were simply too easily accessible. While this strong, reliable steel lockbox is not a vault impervious to teenagers or criminals with tools, it thwarts the most common, sneaky, impulsive level of everyday theft or tampering, including toddlers that like to put things in their mouths.

An excellent container for valuable geological specimens.

Holds up to 100 fingerprints which is great for inputting multiple instances of single fingers, multiple fingers, or multiple people. Before programming, opens to any fingerprint. Fingerprints are not lost when batteries are dead or removed. 2 included keys will always work even if water or EMP damaged the electronics.

Easy to program, with forever-free tech support you won’t need. Well-made with a robust hinge and a rugged, textured, baked-on black enamel finish.

Internal dimensions slightly exceed 7 11/16″ x 7 1/16 x 1 7/8 inside the box. Fits most pill bottles and/or a substantially larger handgun, when placed straight, than the Walther CCP which was inserted diagonally for the photograph.

Comes with a free, optional steel cable that, when used, disappears into a hole in the locked safe on one end, and can be bolted to cement on the other.

In addition to production bench testing Q.C., each unit is individually inspected and tested again by Jeff, right before shipping to you, the customer.

90 Day Replacement or Store Credit Warranty from Date of Delivery
No Monetary Refunds:
While this is a deep-discount liquidation sale and all sales are final, we will do our best to REPLACE (not refund) any unit we receive back that proves faulty, or award instant store credit upon receipt of the faulty unit.

Note: This little safe is not intended to prevent seriously motivated individuals (including older children left unsupervised) from using tools, removing the entire box, or being exposed to circumstances where they have enough time and privacy to work on destroying or opening it. It is intended to help prevent items being exposed to someone casually rifling through belongings. We are not responsible for nor will we be held liable for the loss of any item, nor for the consequences of any item being removed from the box by force or due to any type of failure on the part of this box. For ultimate protection, have a vault professionally installed.