Uranium Crystals in Permanently Sealed Vial (RADIOACTIVE)


Uranium mica in a permanently sealed glass vial
With a premium storage/display tin

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Uranium mica in permanently sealed glass vial, along with an attractive container and wooden seat.
Mineral: calcium uranyl phosphate — beautifully fluorescent under UV blacklight!
Common Name: autunite (100% natural form, unprocessed)
Activity Level: very high (in terms of natural specimens)

This Package Includes:
1) Well over one gram Ur mica in a permanently sealed, thin glass vial
2) A highly labeled Altoids-type steel tin can for storage and display
3) A hand-made wooden stabilizer seat so the vial looks nice and stays put with the lid closed

Autunite is upwards of half elemental uranium and is particularly active because, in addition to plentiful 238U, it still contains small amounts of hotter matter such as 235U and radium

The vial presents a professionally clean, safer way to handle and show this brittle uranium ore.

Brittle: Thats where these many, little fragments come from, they’re what fall out of larger pieces as they are placed from one container into another. NOT tailings nor deliberately crushed (larger pieces are worth more per gram), just a a great use for the smallest bits naturally occurring in the collection. They are 100% unprocessed from hydrothermal vent to one box, to another, and to a vial which is then melted shut.

The glass is thin enough to let plenty of measurable beta and gamma radiation through.
If you seek measuring or seeing alpha particles such as for a cloud chamber or spinthariscope, you will need access to a bare, unshielded sample (see our other products – get both!).

Note: This glass vial is permanently sealed.
Do not attempt to open it, there is no score line or means of access.
See our other product variations for direct access to the specimen.