Uranuim Ore Rock – Attractive, RADIOACTIVE


Uranium ore for sale — legal, quite radioactive, rare, highly attractive specimen from Jurassic Canyon, New Mexico

Legal radioactive uranium sale

This is a fairly hot specimen as well as being unusually lovely with numerous colors going on, including traces of yellow uranium compounds.

Activity: Fairly high — a Radiacode 101 reads over 14,000 CPM, while the least sensitive Geiger Counter we have, a freshly updated and calibrated CDV-700 reads a good 1,700 CPM.

It’s 1.75 inches or 4.4 long and weighs 47 grams.

This specimen does not come with any special, labeled storage container like our autunite, but we will supply something such as a wristwatch tin with a different product label like Timex etc., so you have something.