Betafite uranium ore specimen #12


7.5 grams

Ontario, Canada

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7.5 gram specimen of betafite

Supergroup: Pyrochlore
Chemical: (Ca, U)₂(Ti, Nb, Ta)₂O₆

Found at: Silver Crater Mine
Haliburton Township, Ontario, CA

Activity of this specimen: Spicy (nothing I have is as high but autunite)

Peaks over 40,000 CPM on a common α/β/γ pancake probe (LND 7311 on a WB Johnson GSM-150)
and about 4,000 on the chrome hotdog (β/γ side window chrome hotdog on a CDV-700)
and about 5900 on a small gamma scintillator hand-held (Better Geiger S-1)

Betafite is often found in association with other minerals such as zircon, monazite, and thorite, and it is a common accessory mineral in igneous rocks such as granites and syenites. It is also a common mineral in some hydrothermal veins.
Betafite is of interest to geologists and mineral collectors due to its complex chemical composition and crystal structure, as well as its potential as a source of rare earth elements and uranium. The Silver Crater Mine is one location where betafite has been found in significant quantities, and ongoing exploration efforts in the area continue to uncover new mineral deposits.

Approximately 12 to 17 % Uranium by weight

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