Uranium Ore Rock – 37,500 CPM – Specimen #8



Jurassic Canyon, NM

Loose surface rock

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26.1 grams

Emits alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

Has splotches of yellow, with brick red and beige

Activity as casually measured, approx., by the following hobby instruments:
(see instrument descriptions at very bottom)
Pancake: 37,500 CPM (another I borrowed read over 50K)
Side Window: 3,800 CPM
Small Scintillator: 4.5 µSv/h or 4,000 CPM

This lovely Jurassic Canyon specimen was in an area bearing the following:
Jurassic Todilto Limestone

This kind of rock is not (necessarily) UV-fluorescent at all.

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This is an un-altered, raw, un-processed geologic specimen that was hand-collected on Jurassic Canyon expedition years ago (Dr. Buggie!), placed in and out of a small series of containers, and delivered to you.

This item will conform to the USPS shipping restrictions when shipped, as well as regulations put in place by the Nuclear Regulator Commission with whom we maintain contact and for whom we provide transparent conditions.


Pancake: Similar to a Ludlum6 with a 44-9 pancake wand, we own a WB Johnson GSM 150 Geiger Counter with matching blue pancake wand (LND 7311) (alpha/beta/gamma)

Side Window: A rebuilt CDV-700 in great condition with the standard chrome “Hot Dog” (beta/gamma).

Small Scintillator: Better Geiger Model S-1 (gamma only, but more sensitive to it)