Crystalline Uranium Ore 4.58 grams “Specimen 3”


Autunite Specimen

Origin: Shandong Provence China

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Approx. 4.58 Grams
Lamellar Autunite (a type of Crystalline Uranium Ore)
Common Name: autunite
Mineral: calcium uranyl phosphate

The size of the ceramic square (not included) is approx. 1.5″ or 39mm square
(allow that to be your scale to the size of the specimen on it for sale)

Note: The fluorescent “glowing” picture is the specimen in UV “blacklight” (not total darkness, although autunite is active enough to make certain radioluminescent phosphor powders sparkle or glow dimly, under magnification and/or long camera exposure).

Autunite contains 48.27% uranium: Ca(UO2)2(PO4)2·10–12H2O
This specimen will glow bright green in the presence of UV light due to the presence of phosphorus. Among the most potently active forms of uranium ore, autunite is one of the most radioactive substances that may be legally possessed in Agreement States without a rather prohibitive license.

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This is an un-altered, raw, un-processed geologic specimen as was hand-collected in the Provence of Huantai County Zibo Shandong, China, placed in a simple series of containers, and delivered to you.

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